MiniMUN August 2010

On the 26th and 27th of August, 2010, 27 STX students were present in the girl’s gym of Nyborg Gymnasium, clad in formal attire and conversing in another language than their mother tongue. They had chosen to participate in the Mini Model United Nations of Nyborg 2010, acting as delegates from 17 different countries, representing these nations in a simulated meeting of the United Nations Security Council. The agenda of the day was the situation in Afghanistan and the renewal of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan, the UNAMA mandate.

The students has been issued with papers stating the positions of their countries and a few good ideas for research, but the actual debating, the lobbying and the presentations were left entirely up to them. This created some initial hesitation as the STX students had to find the right mindset to perform the duties required of them, but after a while and with the ad-staff on hand to help them, they eased into the routine of drafting resolutions, securing deals with other delegates and thinking, not of their own opinion, but that of the country they were representing.

After hours of lobbying on the 26th, the students were treated to a presentation by a speaker with extensive experience in Afghanistan. He touched upon many subjects, stressing how complex and involved the situation actually was, explaining the cultural and social trends that shaped possibilities for the aid, as well as other things. While initially wary, some eventually posed questions to the speaker, which were answered and often elaborated upon, paving the way for even more questions. This prepared the students for the second day of the MiniMUN, were the Security Council was in actual session and they had to defend, attack, vote for or against and amend the various resolution they themselves had drafted the day before.
The atmosphere was one of dignified wonder as the delegates attempted to engage in fruitful debate while minding the inherent difficulties of adapting to a formalized rule of procedure.

At the end of session, when asked to review the previous two days of activity, the participants agreed that their experience had been a pleasant one. Some even expressed mild surprise at how interesting the proceedings had been, confessing they had easily gotten caught up in the swing of things.

The MUNNYSA group thanks all the participants of this year MiniMUN and wishes to state its appreciation of the enthusiasm the students brought with them.

Jonas Kjærsgaard